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Systemic Radiation Therapy

Therapy using radioactive isotopes to treat certain cancers is called systemic radiation therapy. The radioactive isotopes may be swallowed, given intravenously or injected into the body. For example, radioactive iodine (I-131) capsules are given to patients to treat some types of thyroid cancer. Another example is the use of intravenous radioactive samarium or strontium to treat pain due to cancer that has spread to the bone.


Recent research has focused on the use of radioactive monoclonal antibodies, also called radiolabeled antibodies, to deliver doses of radiation directly to a tumor. This process is known as radioimmunotherapy. The body makes antibodies in response to the presence of antigens (substances recognized as foreign by the immune system). Large quantities of particular types of antibodies, called monoclonal antibodies, can be made in the laboratory. These monoclonal antibodies can be attached to radioactive isotopes in a process called radiolabeling. When injected into the body, the radiolabeled antibodies circulate in the bloodstream until they locate and bind to the surface of cancer cells. The cancer cells are then destroyed by the radiation carried in the antibody.

Xofigo® Therapy

The physicians of ROC are pleased to offer radium 223 (Xofigo, Bayer Health Care) as a radioactive chemical treatment for patients with metastatic hormone resistant prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. In 2013, radium 223 was approved for treatment of patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer for symptomatic bone metastases and no known visceral disease. Standard of care included local radiotherapy, corticosteroids, anti-androgens, estrogens, estramustine or ketoconazole. All patients continued anti-androgen therapy.

We use Xofigo (radium 223 dichloride) injection to treat prostate cancer that is resistant to medical or surgical treatments, that lowers testosterone and has spread to your bones with symptoms, but not other parts of the body. Xofigo is injected into a vein. Once in your bloodstream, the radioactive material in Xofigo travels directly to the bones. The body treats Xofigo like calcium, taking the drug into the bone where there are cancer cells. Xofigo therapy has helped men live longer with this type of prostate cancer. Xofigo is not used with other treatments.

Research and Awards

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